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Dental Cleaning & Oral Health | Prestige Dental Centers

Dental Cleaning & Oral Health | Prestige Dental Centers
Regular professional dental cleanings are a fundamental component of the preventative oral healthcare that will keep your teeth and gums in fantastic lifelong condition. Even if you are dedicated to maintaining a rigorous home oral hygiene routine, you should see your oral hygienist at least twice a year for a dental cleaning. When plaque hardens, it forms tartar, which can lead to the irritation and inflammation of the gums, as well as oral disease. Only a professional cleaning can remove tartar, hence the importance of this service.

What Does a Dental Cleaning Involve?

  • Each tooth will be gently scraped to remove accumulations of plaque and tartar (hardened plaque that brushing cannot removed)
  • The small pockets surrounding the teeth will also be cleaned using a fine dental instrument,
  • The spaces between your teeth will be flossed,
  • A topical fluoride treatment will be applied using a special rotating brush head.
  • We will then rinse your mouth thoroughly.

A professional cleaning is very simple and typically painless if your teeth and gums are in good condition. In fact, most patients remark on how great their

services dental cleaning

Dental Cleaning at Prestige Dental Centers at Colorado Springs and Pueblo - services dental cleaning

teeth feel afterwards! This preventative measure plays a key role in keeping your oral health in tip-top condition while helping you to maintain a beautiful smile.

A preventive program is a cooperative effort by the patient, dentist, and dental staff to preserve the natural dentition and supporting structures by preventing the onset, progress, and recurrence of dental diseases and conditions.

Preventing dental disease starts at home with good oral hygiene and a balanced diet.  It is continued in the dental office by the efforts of your dentist and dental hygienist to promote, restore, and maintain your oral health.

Prevention also includes regular dental exams, cleanings, and x-rays. Sealants and fluoride are also great preventive treatments that help protect the teeth.

Prevention helps avoid serious and costly dental problems and is the key to having a healthy, confident, beautiful smile.


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