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In this four-part article series, we speak to an experienced Colorado Springs dentist about dental implants, what they are, how they work and what patients can expect from getting them.

Welcome to the final installment of this four-part article series in which we speak to experienced Colorado Springs dentists as a comprehensive solution to missing teeth. Previously, in Part 3, we discussed what patients could typically expect from having dental implants placed. It was also revealed that most procedures seldom take more than one dental appointment and that, in spite of its unfair reputation, implant surgery doesn’t usually leave patients in that much pain!

 “No more than a straightforward tooth extraction might,” adds the dentist.

This is the final installment, so let’s wrap up this series by taking a closer look at the more complex dental implant procedures designed to provide patients with a brand new set of teeth.

dental implant technology

Can you tell us a little more about the dental implant procedure you might use to give someone a complete set of new teeth?

Colorado Springs Dental Implant Dentists: “At our practice, we like to make use of the “All-on-4” dental implant technique, which, as the name pretty much says, only requires four dental implants to provide patients with a complete set of new teeth. This procedure is considered revolutionary because it overcame many of the problems faced by traditional implant techniques. These achievements enable us to provide patients with beautiful, new, non-removable teeth in just one day with a single surgery, in almost all cases.”

What kinds of problems did these traditional dental implant techniques face?

Colorado Springs Dentists: “First of all, they would often require up to 10 dental implants per jaw in order to give patients a new set of teeth. That works out to be incredibly expensive, especially if you require new teeth in both your upper AND lower jaw. In order to place this many implants, dentists would be forced to break the procedure down into a series of more manageable surgeries and recovery periods. So, patients would be looking at spending up to 18 months in and out of the dental clinic while they gradually receive treatment. Finally, these more traditional techniques frequently required patients to first undergo bone-grafting surgery, owing to the volume of jawbone these patients had lost as a consequence of atrophy.

“When you add together all of the costs of surgery, the number of dental implants and the possible need for bone grafting, it becomes appreciable just why so many patients chose to have dentures placed instead of implants. The journey to fixed oral rehabilitation was just too long, too painful and too expensive.”

And that’s all changed with the “All-on-4”?

Colorado Springs Dental Implant Dentists: “Thankfully yes! The All-on-4 only requires four dental implants per jaw, which can quite easily be done in a single surgery. Also, owing to the careful and strategic planning of this procedure, we can provide most patients with new teeth without the need for painful bone grafting surgery. This means new teeth in one day and at a cost that is tens of thousands of dollars less.”

So the “All-on-4” is the modern standard of treatment for patients who need a full set of teeth?

Colorado Springs Dentists: “We certainly think so, as do most dentists across the country. The outcomes of the All-on-4 are fantastic and we have no shortage of patients who are utterly ecstatic with their new teeth, which look, feel and function just like a complete set of natural teeth.”


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