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Gum disease is essentially an advanced and chronic bacterial infection of the soft tissues surrounding the teeth. Over time and with habits such as smoking and poor oral hygiene, bacteria migrate deep down into the gums around the teeth, forming pockets of decay and infection. This causes the gums to pull away from the roots of the teeth and, without treatment, can lead to tooth loss. Laser treatment for gum disease is an excellent method for eliminating diseased tissue and halting the progression of infection, especially if used in conjunction with Scaling and Root Planing (SRP).

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Laser treatment for gum disease - dental veneers

About Laser Treatment for Gum Disease

A laser is a very concentrated high energy beam of electromagnetic radiation and it's perfectly safe. By setting the laser to the correct power level and wavelength, this therapy complements periodontal procedures, rather than causing harm to the patient. It actually boasts a suite of benefits that makes gum disease treatment easier and less traumatic.

Because the laser is incredibly concentrated in a narrow beam, it is very accurate in removing diseased tissue and the bad (anaerobic) bacteria causing the disease. This means that less healthy tissue needs to be eliminated, thus causing fewer traumas to the gums. Fewer traumas mean less swelling, bleeding and discomfort for the patient.

Additionally, unlike antibiotic medication, which can be prescribed as an adjunct to SRP, there are no kinds of bacteria that are resistant to laser treatment. It is also impossible for these nasty pathogens to develop a resistance to laser and it won’t suppress your immune system as antibiotics can. The laser kills all bacteria without discrimination, which is exactly what you want if your gums are diseased and infected!


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