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Not confident in your current dental treatment plan?

KNOW YOUR OPTIONS!FREE limited dental second opinion

Receive a complimentary, limited Second Opinion from a dentist at Prestige Dental Centers in Colorado Colorado Springs or Pueblo. At Prestige Dental Centers we value your concerns and promise to be honest and thorough during our examination.

We offer limited free second opinion exams for patients who feel like they have a treatment plan that is avoidable or too extreme. Let us take a professional and unbiased look and talk you through what is going on with your teeth.

To schedule your complimentary second opinion exam please call our office to find a time that works best for you. You’re appointment will include:

  • Complimentary X-Ray
  • Fair Treatment Plan
  • One on One with a Dentist
  • A visit with our financial plan expert

We want you to be comfortable and informed about your dental work, and are willing to help in any way we can, so FEEL CONFIDENT in your dental decisions and schedule a consultation in Colorado Springs or Pueblo.


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