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New Smiles for Christmas | Prestige Dental Centers

During a celebration on Thursday morning they were able to celebrate with family, friends and health professionals. Crespo is a mother of six and a native of Puerto Rico. Louise was married at 15, and stayed in a torturous and abusive relationship for many years. She turned to using drugs to mentally escape. She eventually freed herself from the relationship and her addiction.

Louise says the drug’s effects on her teeth were not apparent until she was sober for many years. For many years, she was living with crumbling teeth, a result of substance use and being hit repeatedly in the mouth.

The dentists at Prestige Dental saw Louise for the first time on December 20, 2016 and established a treatment plan which includes saving the teeth that are salvageable, pulling teeth, fitting her with top dentures and two partials on the bottom.

The bill for this type of work would normally be $12,920.

Raunita Dickerson is a client of Crestone Recovery, a service of Health Solutions, Raunita is in recovery from substance abuse and has had her own experiences with domestic violence.

The condition of Raunita’s teeth and gums is so severe, that a full mouth extraction was recommended by the dentists at Prestige Dental.

Through a new found partnership between Prestige Dental and Health Solutions, the organizations were able to work together to create a "New Smile for Christmas" campaign which helped both Crespo and Dickerson.

Dentists and Denture Specialists were able to provide about $30,000 in free services to these clients.

One procedure consisted of a full mouth extraction and the other was a partial extraction.

Both clients gleamed with excitement as they filled in all attendees with how they are thriving in life and the plans they have for the future with the new found confidence that was a result of the wonderful work.

PUEBLO, Colo. (KKTV) - Louise Crespo and Raunita Dickerson both have a new smile on life because of donated dental work from Prestige Dental Centers at Colorado Springs.

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