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What words do you associate with the words white teeth?

Clean, welcoming, bright, and health were the first that came to our mind.

Did you know that someones smile is the first feature that most people notice when they meet you? The American Association of Orthodontics did a whole study on it.

So our smile is important. Because so many people notice smiles right away, its a good idea to keep them white people that they depict cleanliness and health.definitive whitening teeth guide

definitive whitening teeth guide

Even perfect habits of brushing and flossing will not guarantee a smile that is as white as you would like. The American Dental Association gives some reasons why our teeth change from white to a dull effect. What you eat or drink, your age, tobacco use, different medication, or even trauma you experience could effect what your teeth look like.

The remedy to the stains on your teeth is bleach. Whitening your teeth brings a purer color and shine to your smile. Teeth whitening is not a "one size fits all" concept, there are many different methods,effects, and results. Set up an appointment and talk to your Dentist to have the best and most effective experience.

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