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14 benefits of teeth implants

Most dentists recommend dental implants to patients who need a tooth, several teeth or even all of their teeth replaced quite simply because they are the best treatment solution available! Our Dentists, Dr. Michael Bull and Dr. Sterling Rogers explain the 14 benefits of this revolutionary technology and just why it is you should opt for implants should you ever require new teeth.

1. Dental implants preserve the health of the underlying jawbone by stimulating it and by keeping it exercised and alive.

2. Dental implants have much better cosmetic outcomes than traditional teeth replacement technologies, such as partials and removable dentures.

3. Dental implants provide patients with new teeth that support the facial structures and skin, which reduces that aging appearance we typically associate with denture wearers. This makes for a more beautiful and youthful countenance.

4. Because patients have a far more natural and beautiful smile, they experience improved social confidence and self-esteem. Many of the patients Dr. Bull and Dr. Rogers have treated haven’t smiled in family photographs for years! And so, it is always tears in their eyes that they report being able to openly smile again for friends and family.

5. Dental implants are supported by the jawbone, as is the case with natural teeth, and so they have a much better chewing function than dentures. This enables patients to eat all of their favorite foods.

6. Dental implants feel natural, which provides patients with much greater comfort.

7. Because they are non-removable and don’t slip around like dentures tend to, dental implants enable patients to speak normally and with confidence. Improved speech is a major benefit!

8. The combination of being able to eat, speak and smile comfortably and with confidence has wonderful effects upon one’s psychological health Patients often report feeling so much better about themselves after having failing teeth or troublesome dentures replaced with dental implants.

9. Dental implants have a much greater success rate than alterative teeth replacement techniques and technologies. They also have a much longer lifespan and, if cared for properly, can actually last you for the rest of your life!

10. Dental implants feel like natural teeth, which eliminates that constant and annoying self-consciousness that people with removable dentures and even conventional bridges tend to experience.

11. Modern dental implant protocols can be used give patients a brand new set of teeth in as little as just one day. Advancements in dental science have eliminated the need to wait several months for new teeth. Nowadays, you can get new teeth in one day.

12. Dental implants are made from materials that cannot decay, so you’ll never need a root canal or restoration of an implant-supported tooth.

13. Dental implants are fixed in the mouth (non-removable) so you can forget about ever needing to pull your teeth out to clean them or before you go to bed at night!

14. Dental implants are linked with a greater standard of medical health, which is a consequence of better nutrition, improved psychological health and a greater quality of life.

The most important benefit of dental implants, is the life transformation that happens as a result of having a complete set of beautiful and healthy-looking teeth again. “The impacts of this resound in both the social and professional environment, meaning success all around!



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