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The “All on 4” is a breakthrough Dental Implant protocol that was introduced to the market in the early 1990’s. This was the first procedure of its kind to address teeth replacement in patients who had lost most, if not all, of their original adult teeth. While there are alternative dental implant protocols around, “All on 4” implants completely changed the approach dental specialists took to treating edentulous and near-edentulous patients. How? Because it is almost always able to give patients new teeth in one day, with only four dental implants, a single surgery and without the need for bone grafting surgery.

Here’s how this revolutionary procedure works.

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All-on-4 Dental Implants: The Procedure

The “All on 4” configuration of dental implants is used to support a uniquely customized prosthetic dental bridge. This bridge is the only component that is visible above the gum line, giving patients a natural, beautiful and confident smile.

Two implants are inserted in the jaw towards the back of the mouth, usually in the region of the second and third molars. These two implants are placed at a very precise angle so as to avoid damaging any vital structures in the mouth, including the upper jaw sinus cavity and the lower jaw’s nerve canal. This angulation also enables the implants to benefit from as much support from the existing bone volume as possible.

Another two implants are inserted in the jaw in the front of the mouth, in the region of the chin, where the bone is naturally more bulky and resistant to atrophy caused by tooth loss. Altogether, these four implants can be used to provide a dental bridge with a fixed, secure and stable foundation, enabling patients to use their new teeth as they would their natural teeth.

Why Is It Important that All On 4 Implants Avoid Bone Grafting?

Dental implants function just like natural tooth roots and so, if there isn’t sufficient bone volume in the jaw, they will just become loose and fall out. The popular solution to bone loss, which is caused by being toothless for a long period of time, used to be bone grafting. This procedure, however, not only represents an additional hefty sum of money, it’s also by its very nature invasive, painful and requires several months of healing.all on 4 dental implants

Through the strategic placement and angulation of only four dental implants, the All On Four is almost always able to avoid the need for bone grafting, which makes oral rehabilitation far simpler, quicker, less traumatic and far less costly! This triumph in the field of implantology essentially makes it possible for our doctors to give patients new teeth in one day!

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