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3 Dimensional X-rays

At Prestige Dental Centers, we are dedicated to helping families achieve perfect smiles, and we do this through state of the art technology.

Have you visited your dental office and taken a standing X-Ray? This is called a 3D X-ray, or a cone-beam computed tomography. It helps your dentist see precise and thorough pictures of your teeth, gums, facial bones and other details that help them get you the smile you want.

How does a 3-D X-ray work?

Columbia University College of Dental Medicine defines all the different kinds of dental X-rays on Colgate’s website1. Their explanation for a 3D X-ray is, “the beam is cone-shaped, instead of fan-shaped as in a standard medical CT. A cone-beam scan uses less radiation than a medical CT scan but far more than any standard dental X-ray. The cone-beam CT is particularly useful for dental implant selection and placement.” These X-rays are very detailed. The Dentist can see all of your teeth, the decay and gum lines, the roots of the teeth, jawbones, and sinus structure. This is much more helpful than the average bitewing X-rays that only show decay and pinpoint crowns and fillings.

3d xrayWhat is the process?

A 3-D X-ray is a big piece of machinery and usually involves the patient sitting in a chair, or standing. Your Dentist will ask you to take off all removable metal from your head and chest area, and give you a protective apron to protect from radiation. The X-ray takes 10-20 seconds, is easy and completely painless.

Should I be worried about radiation?

Your Dentist is aware of your concerns, and takes them into consideration when treating you. Just like prescribing medications, Dentist are trained to know when X-rays are necessary, will never have you do one without your consent, and can reduce the frequency of them due to your personal preference.

The 3D X-ray is an amazing advancement in dental technology and is a great tool for helping Dentists prescribe the best treatments for patients. The next time you go in to the office, ask your Dentist more about their X-rays and what it tells them about your smile.


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