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healthy Smiles | Protect your enamel

Your dental enamel is the last line of defense for your teeth: it’s what protects them from contamination by oral bacteria. While enamel is the hardest substance in the body – harder even than your bones – it does suffer some wear-and-tear throughout a lifetime, but the good news is there is much that can be done to keep it in beautiful lifelong condition.

Our dentists at Prestige Dental Centers operate on the front line of tooth decay and gum disease and treat the consequences of tooth loss every day, we gathered together a panel of these dental healthcare professionals to find out what we can do to keep our dental enamel healthy. In this four-part article series, we present to you what they had to say.

Healthy Enamel Tip # 1: Minimize Sugar in Your Diet

Dentists don’t drone on about eating too much sugar for a reason! Oral bacteria thrive on sugar, so the more sugary beverages you chug down and the more sugar-laden snacks and foods you consume, the better bacteria are going to do in your mouth.

Oral bacteria use sugar for the energy they need to multiply and the waste products they produce are highly acidic,” explains Drs Rogers & Bull. “These wastes accumulate on your teeth and at the gum line as plaque, which can lead to the formation of cavities. In addition to decay, acid also softens your dental enamel, which can leave it more vulnerable to attrition or erosion.

The Solution: If you have a sweet tooth, you’ll simply have to learn to control it: not only for the health of your teeth, but for that of your body, too. Stay away from chewy, sticky candies that get stuck in the cusps of your molars and really limit your intake of sugar-packed and acid-rich sodas and fruit juices. Learn to love water because it’s so good for you and it really is the best thirst-quencher.

Healthy Enamel Tip # 2: Increase Your Calcium Intake

Calcium is essential for strong bones and teeth, so increasing your intake of calcium-rich foods will definitely benefit you in the long run!

“Calcium builds strong teeth and, being alkaline, it also helps to neutralize acid in the mouth. Having a glass of milk, a slice of cheese or a small bowl of yogurt with your breakfast, lunch or dinner can go quite the distance in helping to preserve the health of your teeth,” explain our dental healthcare experts.

What about the Fat in Dairy Products?

Since dairy is derived from animal products, it does naturally contain some fat. Choosing the low-fat or fat-free options won’t compromise calcium content, so our dental patients can make the smarter and healthier choice and still have their pearly whites benefit from the calcium it contains.

Stay Tuned for Part 2

Stay tuned for the second installment of this four-part article series to learn more about the necessary healthy habits for good dental health, courtesy of the advice of our family dentists in Colorado Springs and Pueblo.


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