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De-Mystifying the Myths About Oral Health

Using sound logic and expert advice, this four-part article series dispels some of the most common myths surrounding oral health and dental treatment.

Welcome to the final installment of this four-part article series on the most common myths on dental health. Previously, in Part 3, an experienced dentist in Colorado Springs dispelled the following two myths:

 Myth # 5: If dental insurance doesn’t cover it, it’s probably not worth considering.

Few dental insurance companies offer comprehensive coverage for advanced dental treatment, such as dental implants. This doesn’t mean dental implants aren’t the most sophisticated solution available for the replacement of missing teeth, though. You shouldn’t allow your dental insurance to dictate your choice of treatment.

Myth # 6: Tooth loss is normal consequence of getting older.

Gum disease causes tooth loss. Not getting older alone. If you care for your teeth properly, you should be able to keep them all until well in your 80’s and 90’s.

Let’s move along and take a look at two final common misconceptions…

Myth # 7: Dental implants are the most painful treatment you can get.

dental implant abutment

“There is this strange misconception amongst patients that dental implants are excruciatingly painful to have done, and yet nothing could be further from the truth,” says the dentist in Colorado Springs. “First of all, we always perform dental implant surgery using sedation and anesthesia, so patients rarely remember a thing, never mind feel a thing.

“Second of all, the very nature of modern dental implant procedures has changed dramatically over the past two decades what with the introduction of more sophisticated diagnostic technology and placement techniques. Before we even operate on a patient, we know exactly what the problem looks like underneath the gums; we are fully aware of the structure of the jawbone and the proximity of neighboring teeth and we know exactly what to do. So, one or two small incisions and that’s it!

“With procedures that are minimally invasive, Colorado Springs residents are enjoying a much shorter recovery period with hardly any pain at all; certainly nothing that can’t be managed with over-the-counter pain medications.”

Myth # 8: Removable dentures are the standard of care for people who have lost all or most of their teeth.

dental implants women

“Removable dentures may be the traditional teeth replacement technology for patients who have lost most or all of their teeth, but they are a far cry from the modern standard of care! Nowadays, we have a suite of dental implant techniques that are capable of giving patients a full set of permanent teeth again, often in as little as one day, with one surgery,” says the Colorado Springs dentist.

“The teeth provided by these techniques feel more natural, function better and look far more beautiful than removable dentures. They don’t shift around; they don’t typically cause acute discomfort while eating and don’t need to be removed after meals for cleaning or at nighttime. Dental implants avoid many of the challenges associated with removable dentures and can promote a much better quality of life for patients!

“Almost all dentists in Colorado Springs have moved away from dentures and if asked, will recommend dental implants over and above this archaic teeth replacement technique. Do not be mistaken in thinking that dentures are the standard approach to patient care, because they really aren’t.”


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