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Dental Bridge Plaster Model

Dental bridges are restorative appliances used to replace single or multiple missing teeth through the support of the neighboring natural teeth. At Prestige Dental Centers, our dental bridges are custom designed by our excellent doctors and dental lab specialists to perfectly fit your smile and provide comprehensive solutions to tooth loss.

The Benefits of Dental Bridges

Aside from the fact that bridges offer patients a cosmetic and functional solution to missing teeth, they also provide some significant health benefits. An exposed tooth socket provides an excellent breeding ground for bacteria, which can lead to a painful infection and the possible loss of the adjacent natural teeth. Gaps allow these neighboring teeth to become unstable and drift, causing structural problems for the entire row of teeth.

An open tooth socket is also quite difficult to keep clean, since it tends to be quite sensitive and painful and this can lead to the compromise of good oral health and hygiene. This is not to mention the obvious problems associated with missing teeth, including diminished smile aesthetics and compromised bite function. Dental bridges can address all of these problems.

What are Dental Bridges and How Do They Work?

Tooth Replacement

bridge fixed partial

In the case of a single tooth replacement, dental bridges consist of three successive ceramic tooth crowns that have been fused together. The two outer crowns provide support for the middle crown, which is suspended between them much like a bridge (hence the name). The two natural teeth adjacent to the gap are prepared to accommodate the restoration and once it has been fitted, all three will resemble healthy natural teeth.

 Multiple Tooth Replacement

In the case of multiple missing teeth, a partial bridge may be used. This appliance is attached to the neighboring natural teeth using metal clasps. While this subset of bridge provides a workable and aesthetic solution to missing teeth in the short term, experienced dentists do prefer to recommend dental implants for their superior function, lifespan and negligible impact upon the health of your remaining natural teeth.

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