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Dental Crowns

Your teeth are so small; do you ever take time to think about the different parts of the tooth?

Take a look at this diagram:The part that is visible and responsible for biting, chewing, and grinding is called the crown. Since this part of the tooth does so much, it often endures a lot of damage and decay. When too much deterioration has taken place, and a filling is not a sufficient fix, a big part of the crown is removed and replaced with a dental crown.

What is a crown made of?

They are created from strong, durable ceramic or porcelain material that is made to function the same way the natural crown of a tooth does. In a way this new crown is a new and improved version. The ceramic material is much more resistant to staining than natural enamel, so your teeth will continue to look beautiful for much longer.

Do I need a crown?

Symptoms of severe enough damage for a crown are, sensitivity, pain when biting down, cracked, or chipped tooth. Consult your Dentist to see if a crown is really what you need.


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