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Dental implants offer patients who have lost one or more natural teeth a fantastic, long term and sophisticated solution. The benefits of this technology totally eclipse all other teeth replacement appliances, including traditional bridges and removable dentures. For the superior comfort, lifespan, functionality and aesthetics offered by dental implants, including their ability to support great jawbone health, they are almost always the preferred choice for tooth loss.

About Dental Implants Costs

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Owing to the time, skill and resources that go into the manufacturing and surgical placement of dental implants, they do tend to be a little more than traditional methods of teeth replacement. The great thing about dental implants is that they can last several decades and even a lifetime if you look after them properly, whereas conventional teeth replacement technologies only last a few years to a decade. After this, patients are forced to have them repaired or even replaced entirely. The cost of maintenance, repair and replacement can really add up over the years until you’re looking at accumulative dental bills that could have financed implants from the word go!

Dental implants are the smartest investment you can make in your oral health, smile confidence and quality of life!

What Determines Dental Implants Costs?

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The dental cost we present you with before we embark upon treatment of any kind is determined by the details of the treatment or procedure you need, our time, the quality of the materials we use to restore your oral health and our experience in undertaking said treatment. The number of teeth you require to be replaced and the complexity of treatment also determine the teeth implants cost. We will communicate the details of your procedure with you prior to treatment, so you need not worry about any surprises.

Additionally, we work closely with Dental Insurance Companies (Delta Dental Premier©) and Dental Financing Institutions (CareCredit™) to help our patients easily and comfortably cover their dental implants costs.

That’s right! If you have lost one or more of your natural teeth and are interested in getting dental implants placed, we offer first time patients a complimentary consultation. This includes a comprehensive oral examination, X-rays and treatment planning with no obligation to actually proceed.

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