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denture wearers eat whatever they want

For centuries traditional removable dentures have been used to provide toothless and near toothless patients with replacement teeth. While the techniques and materials used in their manufacturing have advanced over the years, their basic operational concept hasn’t. Dentures are bulky teeth replacement appliances that are designed to rest on the gums and over the soft palate. Because they aren’t fixed in the mouth, they come with a long list of challenges and disadvantages.

This is why our experienced team of doctors discourage patients from just choosing traditional removable dentures. So, what are the alternatives? There are plenty!


You have plenty of options!

Nowadays, there are many teeth replacement options available for patients who have lost most, if not all of their natural teeth or who suffer with a failing dentition due to advanced gum disease. These options involve the attachment of a denture or prosthetic bridge to dental implants, providing the teeth replacement appliance with a fixed and permanent foundation. This prevents patients from having to struggle with the following problems:

  • Teeth that are loose and move around,
  • Teeth that rub against the gums, causing inflammation, discomfort and the development of painful oral sores,
  • Teeth that need to be removed for cleaning after meals and at nighttime,
  • Teeth that feel uncomfortable and loose,
  • Bulky dentures that rub against the soft palate, causing patients to gag,
  • Bulky dentures that impede one’s ability to taste their food properly and sense nuances in its temperature and texture.

Through the strategic placement of dental implants, enough support can be provided for a set of replacement teeth that can either be clipped into place by the patient or are permanently supported in the mouth. This eliminates many of the daily challenges typically experienced by denture wearers. Additionally, dental implants help to maintain the health of the underlying jawbone, preventing the natural shrinkage that occurs when teeth are removed from the jaw and subsequent problems such as further tooth loss, bite strength deterioration and premature aging.

Even if your dentist has told you that you are not a candidate for dental implants, there are solutions available and together we will work towards one that fits your needs and your budget.  Our dentists have placed thousands of dental implants and their skill and experience make the difference patients love.

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