Dental Membership Plans

Don't have dental insurance?

Have you ever found yourself looking for an affordable option to traditional dental insurance for yourself or your family? Our membership plans cover a variety of needs for all ages, and provide discounts on services outside of traditional preventive care. As a member, you’ll have the quality dental care you deserve.

Membership Plans

As low as $350.00 per year / 1 person
As low as $35.00 per month / 1 person
What does membership include?
1 Comprehensive Exam 1 Annual Exam
1 Emergency Exam 2 Cleanings
2 Oral Cancer Screenings 2 Fluoride Treatments
4 Bite-wing X-rays 10% Off Minor Treatments
15% Off Major Treatments $1,000.00 Off Invisalign
50% Off Teeth Whitening  
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*This is not insurance
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