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Gum disease treatment in Colorado Springs and Pueblo is typically performed over the course of several dental appointments. During each session, a high energy laser will be traced quickly around the gum line to kill the bacteria causing the disease. Laser therapy for gum disease is typically painless, so you need not worry about feeling any discomfort. You will then be allowed to return home and begin your at-home therapy that generally involves the use of oral hygiene products, nutritional supplements and a special antibacterial oral mouthwash.
Gum Disease Treatment and Oral Care

Your Next Appointment…

“You should find that the health of your mouth improves quite markedly over the next week, so by the time you arrive for your next appointment, your mouth will be looking and feeling better,” explain gum disease specialists in Pueblo and Colorado Springs. “Your next appointment will involve the deep cleaning of the roots of your teeth to eliminate the deep pockets of bacteria and infection that have accumulated beneath the gum line. A topical anesthetic ointment is applied to the gums to keep you as comfortable as possible during this stage of your gum disease treatment.”

“Laser therapy and gentle scaling and root planing will be performed to kill bacteria, remove diseased tissue and eliminate calculus from the roots of the teeth,” say gum disease treatment specialists in Colorado Springs and Pueblo. “The gum tissue surrounding your teeth will only re-attach to the tooth roots once they have been thoroughly decontaminated. Subsequent to this therapy, your gums and roots will be irrigated and you will be allowed to return home.

Future Gum Disease Treatment & Care

Depending upon the severity of your case and how well your body responds, laser treatment for gum disease comprises anywhere between two to four visits. You will also need to reassess elements of your lifestyle and habits to prevent re-infection. A high standard of home oral hygiene for gum disease sufferers is of critical importance and should be maintained for life.

If you suspect that you may have gum disease, it is imperative that you seek prompt treatment to avoid irreversible damage and problems such as tooth loss. Schedule an Appointment with our team of gum disease specialists today!

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