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Sedation / Sleep Dentistry

For most of us, the dentist’s chair isn’t a place to relax. Going to the dentist can make even the calmest and most collected person a little nervous, and it’s not uncommon to for people to have dental anxiety.

But why suffer? With sedation dentistry, you can ease the stress that may arise from going to the dentist. As a result, you can receive much-needed dental care anxiety free. Whether you need a routine cleaning or a root canal, you can now easily and safely care for your teeth – and your nerves, too.

Here’s what you need to know about sedation dentistry before your next appointment.

Types of Sedation Dentistry

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Sedation dentistry incorporates medication that helps you relax while you’re in the chair. There are different levels of sedation, so calling it “sleep dentistry” isn’t quite accurate.

By using the safest techniques and drugs available, patients can experience relaxing procedures with no anxiety. With minimal sedation, you are awake and relaxed and it quickly wears off and allows you to drive yourself home. If necessary, the dentist will prescribe a pill ahead of the procedure to take about an hour prior to your visit.  This causes the patient to experience conscious sedation and it makes them sleep through the procedure.

The End of Dental Anxiety

Using sedation means an end to suffering from the anxiety with dental visits. You can get all of your treatment done in comfort and at one time with sedation.

If you suffer from dental anxiety, consider visiting the experts at Prestige Dental Centers. Your dentists at Prestige Dental are happy to answer your questions about sedation dentistry and other dental concerns. They are committed to helping you feel comfortable while also taking great care of your teeth.

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