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Sedation / Sleep Dentistry

You might feel embarrassed about your fear or anxiety associated with seeing the dentist or with receiving dental treatment, but actually, such an affliction is incredibly common! At Prestige Dental Centers, we understand that those bi-annual trips to the dentist can be incredibly uncomfortable for patients, whether their fears and insecurities can be rationalized or not. What we do not want is avoidance of dental treatment because of these fears and insecurities.

Our team of experienced and compassionate dental healthcare professionals have treated patients who have struggled with severe fears their entire lives and this has been made possible through sedation dentistry in our offices.

What is Sleep Dentistry?

Sleep or sedation dentistry refers to a dental treatment that is performed under the effects of sedative medications. These perfectly safe medications can be administered in a number of ways, depending on the type of procedure being performed and/or the wishes of the patient. And they enable a particularly nervous patient to receive the treatment they need to maintain an excellent standard of oral health without the horrible fear and anxiety they typically experience. The great thing about sleep dentistry in Colorado Springs and Pueblo is that the body easily metabolizes the medication used, so patients need not fret about feeling awful afterwards or suffering a “hangover”.