Anchored Dentures

Anchored Dentures

Anchored Dentures services offered in Colorado Springs and Pueblo, CO

If you have missing teeth that affect your self-esteem or make it difficult to chew and speak, you could benefit from anchored dentures. The board-certified dentists at Prestige Dental Centers in Colorado Springs and Pueblo, Colorado, offer anchored dentures to patients looking for a secure, long-term solution to improve their smile. To find out if anchored dentures are right for you, call the nearest location or use the online booking tool to schedule an appointment. 

What are anchored dentures?

Unlike traditional dentures, which replace your missing teeth but typically require adhesives to stay in place, anchored dentures are held in place by dental implants. These prevent the dentures from slipping and allow for a more natural experience. 

The anchored dentures available at Prestige Dental Centers can be snap-on — therefore removable, as with traditional dentures — or permanent. Talk with your dentist to determine the right option for you. 

Why should I get anchored dentures?

Several options for dentures exist, but anchored dentures provide a natural-looking solution for missing teeth without the irritation often associated with conventional dentures. Patients at Prestige Dental Centers in need of dentures prefer anchored dentures for reasons that include:

  • Eliminate slippage along the gum line
  • Remove the need for adhesive to hold the dentures in place
  • Allow you to eat any food you’d like
  • Improve the aesthetics of your smile
  • Provide a more natural appearance than conventional dentures
  • Require less maintenance 

Anchored dentures also provide more support than traditional dentures, they reduce stress and wear on your gums, and thanks to the dental implants involved, they help prevent bone loss.

What is the process for getting anchored dentures?

When you decide that anchored dentures are your best option to restore your smile, your Prestige Dental Centers provider discusses the process with you. They make sure you’re comfortable with what the procedure entails.

If necessary, they remove damaged teeth and confirm that your jawbone can support the implants that anchor the dentures. Then they take impressions of your teeth to ensure the proper fit for your dentures. 

Before attaching the dentures, your doctor must surgically insert the dental implants into your jawbone, giving the jawbone time to heal before moving forward. Later, you return to the office so they can secure the dentures in place and send you off with a confident smile.

As you adjust to your anchored dentures, be wary of hot foods and drinks due to the lack of sensitivity in the replacement teeth. Eat food in small bites, as well, to avoid swallowing bones that might be easy to overlook.

If you’re curious about getting anchored dentures or want to learn more, call Prestige Dental Centers or use the online booking tool to schedule an appointment at your convenience.