Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening services offered in Colorado Springs and Pueblo, CO

If you’re looking for a simple way to enhance your smile, consider professional teeth whitening. At Prestige Dental Centers in Colorado Springs and Pueblo, Colorado, the cosmetic dentistry specialists provide take-home teeth whitening treatments to help you brighten discolored or stained teeth and improve the appearance of your smile. To schedule your teeth whitening appointment, call the office nearest you or book online today.

What is teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening is a simple, straightforward, and painless treatment that can remove stains and discoloration from your teeth. 

With professional teeth whitening at Prestige Dental Centers, you can brighten your teeth from the comfort of your own home with their bleaching gel and customized tray.

Why would I need teeth whitening?

Most people develop yellow or discolored teeth due to aging. As you get older, your tooth enamel wears down to reveal the yellowish dentin underneath.

Other factors that can cause your teeth to become stained or discolored include:

  • Using tobacco
  • Failing to practice good oral hygiene
  • Taking medications with tetracycline
  • Drinking dark beverages like coffee, cola, or red wine
  • Eating foods that stain, such as berries and tomato sauces

For best results, it’s important to note that the whitening products available at Prestige Dental Centers are stronger and more effective than anything you can buy over the counter.

Am I a good candidate for teeth whitening?

If you're considering teeth whitening, set up a consultation at Prestige Dental Centers with one of the teeth whitening specialists. They might identify an underlying problem with your teeth and recommend you hold off on teeth whitening until you treat the underlying problem.

In most cases, however, teeth whitening is appropriate for anyone in good oral health. 

Is teeth whitening safe?

The bleaching agents Prestige Dental Centers uses to whiten your teeth are safe. The bleach reduces the concentration of stains on your teeth and, thanks to the customized tray, it accomplishes this without damaging your gums or the structure of your teeth. 

Some people experience sensitivity after teeth whitening treatment, but it’s typically short-lived and no cause for concern. Call Prestige Dental Centers if you experience difficulty or discomfort in completing your treatment. 

What should I expect from the teeth whitening process?

Once you’re cleared for professional teeth whitening, the first step is working with your provider to select the level of brightness you’d like to achieve. They then take impressions of your teeth to custom-design a mouth tray for you on-site. 

Once the lab has prepared your mouth tray, you return to the office to ensure a proper fit and learn how to use the tray and bleaching gel for at-home use. 

The results become more noticeable with each application. Once you’re satisfied with the level of brightness of your teeth, you can cease treatment.

To find out if professional teeth whitening is the answer for your stained teeth, call Prestige Dental Centers today or book an appointment online.