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Snap on teeth is a name for implant supported dentures.  They offer a more sophisticated tooth replacement solution to rampant tooth loss and edentulism (not having any original adult teeth left) than traditional removable dentures. This treatment consists of a Denture, which is held firmly in the mouth using Dental Implants. As such, patients will first need to come in for a small surgery during which (usually) four or more implants are placed at predetermined locations in the jaw. Once the implants have healed nicely, our “Snap On Smile” professionals in will attach your customized set of teeth and show you how to remove it, clean it and replace it.

We have both full and partial Snap In Teeth available.

The Benefits of Snap on Teeth

snap on teethSnap on teeth offer patients a suite of benefits over and above traditional teeth replacement procedures. The biggest problem and challenge patients typically experience with conventional dentures is that they are loose and shift around when they eat or speak. Where removable dentures rest

directly on the gums, Snap on teeth are supported by dental implants, which negates all the pain and discomfort usually experienced by denture wearers.

Additionally, removable dentures are made to be bulky as this helps them to remain stabilized in the mouth. Because Snap On Dentures are held in place by dental implants, the denture itself doesn’t need to be so bulky and this translates into more natural and youthful smile aesthetics. It also eliminates problems such as the triggering of the gag reflex and impeded taste ability.

Other benefits include affordability. The Snap on teeth price is far more affordable than undergoing full mouth reconstruction using as many as 6, 8 or even 10 dental implants per jaw. It’s also a far simpler procedure and one that doesn’t require patients to spend up to 18 months in and out of surgery.


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