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At Prestige Dental Centers, our tooth colored fillings offer our patients an excellent restorative and preventative solution for flaws, cracks and cavities in their tooth structure. We can use them for cosmetic purposes as well. By eliminating any existing infection or decay and filling it in with a durable and aesthetic composite material, further decay can be prevented and dental health restored.

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Tooth Colored Fillings: What Causes Cavities?

Cavities are tiny holes in your teeth that have been formed by bacteria. Bacteria feast upon the food debris that is left behind in your mouth after a meal – this is why a thorough home oral hygiene routine is so important! The wastes produced by bacteria are very acidic. If left to sit on your teeth for long periods of time, this waste erodes away at your dental enamel forming cavities.

The cavities themselves then provide excellent refuge for bacteria and are subsequently allowed to get progressively deeper until – if left without treatment – they can the nerve of your tooth. At this juncture, Root Canal Therapy might be necessary. If that measure fails to eliminate infection, you may require tooth extraction and replacement with a Dental Bridge or Dental Implant.

What would have been so much easier and much less costly and painful, would be to have had a filling placed at the outset of the problem.


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About Tooth Colored or Composite Fillings

Tooth colored fillings are fabricated from a composite material consisting of resins, plastics and glass-like particles. This specific mixture yields a restorative material that not only looks like dental enamel, but also is very strong and durable. Tooth colored fillings are also free from poisonous metals, like Mercury, and are biocompatible. Once these fillings have been bonded to the tooth, they should last many years without the need for restoration.

Tooth Colored Fillings: The Procedure

The procedure required to place tooth colored or composite fillings is very straightforward and can typically be done in a single dental appointment. We will remove the portion of the tooth that has become decayed and then apply the filling material to the tooth in layers. We will then make use of a special dental light to harden the composite material in place before shaping and polishing it to fit beautifully into your bite.

The Benefits:

  • Tooth colored fillings look extremely natural, unlike traditional materials such as gold and amalgam or silver fillings.
  • They bond very strong to the tooth structure and help to support and prevent further decay.
  • These fillings help to insulate the tooth, preventing you from experiencing extreme temperature sensitivity.


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