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wisdom tooth extractionWisdom teeth are your third set of molars and they typically erupt from the jawbone in your early twenties. Wisdom teeth sit very far back in the mouth and many times people don’t have room in their mouth for them to fit correctly. This is why wisdom teeth typically cause problems when they emerge.

Some people are born without wisdom teeth. A simple X-ray will reveal whether you have wisdom teeth or not and whether they can be expected to cause problems for the neighboring teeth. If this is the case, extraction may be recommended.

The complexity of the procedure involved in wisdom teeth extraction depends on the degree to which the molars have been “impacted” or trapped underneath the second molars. Wisdom teeth orientation and alignment will need to be determined beforehand. A straightforward extraction can be done using a local anesthetic, but more complex cases may require surgery and sedation. In both cases, the utmost care will be taken to ensure that you are kept completely pain and discomfort-free.

What If I Just Ignore Problematic Wisdom Teeth?

You might try, but you’re not likely to get very far! Impacted wisdom teeth can be exceptionally painful and can lead to the formation of abscesses: pockets of wisdom tooth infectioninfection in the soft tissue surrounding the teeth. They can also cause terrible problems for the neighboring teeth and over-crowding of the dental arch. It is far easier to remove wisdom teeth than to endure the resultant problems.


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